New Year.

These days you’re much more apt to find me playing around on Instagram than tooling around here on my blog. If you go to my little sidebar thingy on the left there, you’ll see the icon. Click it to see what I’ve been up to.

My latest venture has been making quick Sharpie portraits of ’80s Nu-Wave heroes on scrap card stock. I post these on Instagram and play a guessing game, prompting viewers to guess whom is depicted. The first person to get it right gets to have the drawing.

I’ve never considered myself a good caricaturist or portrait artist, so doing these is a challenge for myself as well.


Growing Up Star Wars: 1978


That’s not me above, of course, but I’m sure each and every Gen-X kid that grew up with Star Wars in the late ’70s to early ’80s can relate. In fact, of all the old “kids playing with Star Wars toys” pics I’ve seen, this one really hits home like no other. It’s so reminiscent of much simpler times, when our imaginations allowed us to make virtual universes and endless landscapes/environments out of anywhere—in this case, on the dashboard of a custom van.

I’ve been there, so many times. It’s crazy to think that my kid is so attached to his iPad, while when I was his age (even younger than him), a lot of times, all it took to make me happy was to have a Star Wars figure in my pocket.

How times change, my friends.

The original photo was shared by one Bantha5 on the Rebel Scum forums, in a Childhood Star Wars Picture thread.

The Meh Man.


I wish I could say I’m excited to do this stuff. But I’m not.

After the big Bluehost fiasco I wrote about back in November 17, I’ve really been drained of most of my energy and motivation that I normally would put towards blogging. I mean, I’ll probably still keep going, but definitely not as prolific as I once was.

I think I’d much rather put my effort towards creating zines and published, tangible works. I feel better and more comfortable at the mere thought of it. You know why? I feel like they’d last much, much longer than any thing that’s stored “in the cloud.”

The cloud. Whatever.

It’s already been proven to me that cloud storage, just like clouds themselves, can dissipate at any given time. Vaporize into nothing.

I’ve been in touch with Bluehost, btw. I finally have someone actually trying to help me retrieve my data, but I haven’t heard from him for a few days. Hmm.

Anyways. Have a good one.