txt bfast
If I’m on my cellphone at all, it’s up by my ear and not by my chest. But I’ve noticed lately that more and more of my cell-toting friends and associates are text-messaging me instead of practicing the ancient art of actually speaking.

I’ll admit, it’s kinda cool to receive a message every now and then. Seeing that little envelope is reminiscent of getting letters in the mail…yeah, like back in the Late Mesozoic Period. But then 9 times out of 10 it’s just some random remark or a simple question that could’ve easily been asked verbally in a fraction of the time it took to type it out. Or is text messaging that convenient and speedy nowadays? Are our own voices becoming obsolete?

Perhaps the strip above is what our conversations will be like in the not-to-distant future. Yes, before we know it, our vocal chords will become useless strips of meat jelly. Kinda scary eh?

Note: Since I use my text-messaging feature on my phone perhaps 3 times a year, I would like to thank for the translations. Trust me, it took me forever to write that stuff out.

2 thoughts on “Love.

  1. AWww…you abandoned LJ ship. It’s so much harder too keep up to date with WordPress blogs, but I understand you’ve got some history with it, so good luck back with the tried and true.

    Love the comic above.

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