Fun with 3D

block car

It’s been like a decade since I’ve used a 3D application…actually even longer now that I think about it. I used Strata Studio Pro back in Cerritos College, I think sometime around ’93-’94. Geez. 14 years. It was a really fun app to play with, although it took forever to render completed projects…literally up to 14-16 hours if it was really complex. Many times, students left their Macs to render their projects overnight, with little taped signs on the screen saying “RENDERING–DO NOT DISTURB!!!”

Ah, those were the days. Anyways, I discovered the 3D feature on Illustrator CS2 when it first came out, and never messed with it until recently. It’s a cinch to use, and although it’s hard to line up separate objects, it’s not impossible without patience. So I quickly made the car you see above. I thought I’d just put it up for kicks and show the progression over the next few days or whatever. Exciting, eh? You know it.

So I guess I’m hitting the voting booth tomorrow. I’m probably going for Barracks O’ Bomber, although I can’t say I’m fully knowledgeable about this candidate. According to this internet survey thing I took months back, Kucinich was supposedly the candidate whom I agreed with most regarding current issues. I remember Obama and Clinton also being in the top 5 somehow. But Kucinich is out of the race now, and I’ve got to make other choices. Maybe I shouldn’t even vote if I’m not sure what they’re all about. Well, while I’m on the net I do have some time to research, instead of toying with my dream machine.

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