Fun with 3D pt. 2


Just thought I’d show you some progress on my new car…

  • I went ahead and mapped some art to the side, the hood and the windshield. I’m still going to do the roof and trunk, amongst some other details.
  • I incorporated some extra miscellaneous detail, i.e. the parking ticket (didn’t read the street signs) and a busted windshield (not everyone’s down with the Green Machine)
  • Haven’t touched the wheels yet. I’m actually gonna create them using another method in the 3D filter, hopefully to get better results.

I tried shading the art but I wasn’t happy with the results. I kinda like it better flat this way. I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the progress.

In other, more politically-oriented news…

So I went to vote for Barracks O’ Bomber on um…whenever that day was (my life’s been a blur lately). I didn’t realize I’d registered as non-partisan until they announced it at the polls. So they were like, “If you want to vote Democratic then go to that booth over there.” The lady pointed at a lone democratic booth.

There’s this big controversy over the #6 bubble for non-partisans who wanted to vote Democratic. It’s all over the news and the net, and I’m not gonna bother explaining here. But let’s just say that I almost overlooked that little thing, which apparently would have rendered my vote for the ‘Bammer useless. I think about the possibly thousands of other non-partisan voters who probably did overlook #6, turning their precious ballots into nothing more than political paper airplanes headed straight for the trash.

::makes crashing sound::

I love the USA.

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