Ever since discovering Cerritos in the mid-90s for a college venture (which was well worth it), my wife and I have made the city a constant visit, especially now with a kid who’s up and running and needs good, clean, nurturing space to run around in—something which Cerritos parks do have a lot of.

Cerritos’ Heritage Park has always been a favorite, with its ducks and “Play Island,” literally an island modeled after 1700’s Boston, with everything from slides and jungle gym climb-o-ramas to cannons (which really “fire” into the surrounding moat with the touch of a button) and a galleon moored to the dock. I tell you now, I would’ve begged my parents to bring me out there every weekend if I was a kid.

When we first discovered Heritage Park long, long ago (I’d say a decade), the island and ducks were there, yet the island wasn’t as done up as it is now. But there was still a nice, homely and simple presence to it all, as there were hardly any people there and we basically spent many great afternoons at the park feeding the ducks and walking around. My wife and I love to find hidden treasures like this park was back in the day.

But these days, Heritage Park has become totally populated with park-goers, and it is no longer the gleaming, hidden attraction it used to be. Sure, we still bring the kid there, but my wife and I both take turns sighing, reminiscing of a time when nobody knew about the place. And speaking of hidden treasures, finding a used condom on the ground next to our car was an even greater reason to reflect on the park’s sparkling past. I suppose the current park-going populace is at least taking measures not to increase the park population in the future. Yay.

Nevertheless, the condom (double-bagged, if you look closely, lol) was indeed an indelible image, so it has made it here, amongst the ranks of randomness here at Lefty Limbo.

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