Rather than go on for seemingly endless expanses of time without writing, I’ve decided to drop a dime a day, no matter what. It could be extremely enlightening material, profound prophecies, or, like usual, just plain nonsense. Of course, keep in mind that Lefty Limbo will, now and then, be peppered with the robust morsels of brain meeting ink meeting paper, namely the 99 Doodles project. Who knows what else I’ll come up with.

Anyways, today’s delightful discovery lies in the consumption of a #3 combo at Carl’s Jr. For those of you not in the cow-killing know, it is a Western Bacon Cheeseburger with calorie-laden (Go Medium!) fries and a healthier choice of a Diet Coke (wow). Hey, I try to hug trees and broccoli as much as possible, but sometimes, given the restraint of work and deadlines, a cow must die. Trust me, I still apologize unspoken to whatever animal I’m about to consume, whenever I eat meat. No thanks to Mr. Robbins and his Food Revolution, still the most eye-opening book I’ve ever read (I don’t read many).

See? That wasn’t so bad. Thank you for reading.

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