KXLU 88.9 FM is, by far, my favorite radio station. And I can’t even begin to mention how many bands and different genres of music I’ve discovered on their radio shows. If I had the chance, I would want to DJ for KXLU. Simply because I love it.

I will say though that I discovered Kimya Dawson on KXLU long, long ago (a couple years). She became an instant favorite and I added her to my Excel wish list of CDs, which keeps growing and growing. I still haven’t purchased a CD of hers, but I will when I get to it. I discovered her on McAllister’s Hostile Makeover show, and she played Kimya Dawson again this morning, mentioning that Dawson had become overexposed due to the overwhelming popularity of the indie feature flick Juno.

I couldn’t agree more. I say to myself, “Man, I was down with Dawson before Juno even got pregnant.” Is that so wrong? I can’t help it. I treasure the treasures that I discover, then can’t stand it when others discover the same riches and they become commonplace. Like the whole retro tiki/lounge/martini thing. I was into that before it got hip in the mid-’90s, then all of a sudden it’s like, people sneer at me when I order a gin martini at the bar. Whatever.

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