My usual trips to the post office in the evening hours are pretty uneventful. The typical mail drop would have me pulling over to park in the green zone, walking over to the mailbox, opening the noisy blue metal chute, dropping in my letters, closing it, then checking it again to ensure that my mail had indeed been dropped off.

Last night was the same deal. Except when I did that double check, my letter was in the exact same position it was when I dropped it in. This of course warranted a self-muttered wtf?, followed by a quick shut of the chute. A second glance found the letter still there, unmoved. This time I grabbed the letter and noticed that it stuck a little to the metal tray. Turned out that someone had affixed tiny pieces of scotch tape (sticky side up) at the very end of the chute, as an easy steal for letters dropped in. Oh you motherfucker, I chuckled to myself as I stripped the chute of the annoyances. Can you imagine?

2 thoughts on “Attempt.

  1. Aw shucks, yeni. Too kind. Trust me, if I had the time, I’d write several. For now, my blog will be my bestseller. =)

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