I viewed the coffee display from top to bottom, wondering which coffee bag to buy. Should I get a light roast? Dark roast? A blend, perhaps? Whole beans or grounds? After some moments of indecision, I settled upon the Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate bag, which claims to be “rich & smooth.” The “roast meter” at the bottom of the colorful front sticker showed a little leaning to the light roast side. No problem. I just needed something to keep me up while working.

I handed the bag to the cashier, deciding not to have the bag ground for me. I usually do have it done, but I figured I might as well put some use to the premium grinding machine I had at home (muchas grácias a Yeni). Besides, they say the best cups of coffee are the ones made immediately after grinding. So after handing my credit card to the cashier, he remarked, “You get a free cup of coffee with your order. Would you like one?”

I perked immediately, and I felt my face flush with the thought of a fresh cup of java. Wow! The veins in my arms pulsed in anticipation of a good caffeine fix. “Yeah! Thanks!” I nodded with a smile. It sounded so good, and it was free. How exciting.

Maybe I need to get out more.

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