6 of 99.


Drawn out of inspiration by the documentary The Phoenix Lights, I present to you 6 of 99.

I’ve always been fascinated by UFOs and extra-terrestrial life in general. In my lifetime I hope to meet someone, or something, from another planet. Who knows. Maybe I already have, and just don’t know it. Or maybe I’m from another planet and don’t know it.

Anyways, The Phoenix Lights movie was pretty darn interesting. It also makes me wonder if the UFOs that we see are genuine visitors from outer space, or if they’re captured vehicles taken out for a spin by our friendly armed forces. Hell, if Will Smith did it in Independence Day, then anyone can, right?

To update you on my fat-burning progress, I’ve been working out and eating healthy, and so far appear to have lost about 6-7 pounds. I feel that great, motivating burn after working out, but it sucks to have the cravings for sweet and salty snacks. We’ll just have to wait and see.

2 thoughts on “6 of 99.

  1. I’ve been really getting into this subject lately, it’s hard to research as a good 95% is BS!
    Glad to see you’re still doing the doodles. I only have around 25 to go but have been having a break for the last two or so months. Hoping to start up again soon!

  2. Yeah, slowly but surely…

    You just happened to create this art project only a matter of months after I’d completed this 40-day straight stint of daily doodles, which I’ve been planning to publish someday. But instead of just adding on the extra to make 99 doodles, I decided to start fresh. It’s been a lot of fun; I just have to be more prolific.

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