7 of 99.


So, I’ve been steadily losing weight and body fat since May 27, largely due to a drastic U-turn in my lifestyle—minimal carb intake (next to none) and a regular exercise schedule. Ok, so I kinda cheat on the weekends (Father’s Day was especially decadent on the taste buds), but during the week I’m definitely full bore. All this in hopes of winning a contest, and to reach my target weight, the magic number which I used to weigh long, long ago.

The biggest challenge has been staying away from bread, rice, chips and sweets. *Ugh* Especially at breakfast time, when nothing else would hit the spot better than a nice pair of toasted white bread with melted butter on top to have with my coffee (which I’ve also cut, btw). Then there’s rice—c’mon, I’m Flip, so that should be an obvious issue. Chips? What better to go with a sandwich…wait, no bread. Man! Sweets? Two words—dark chocolate. Dang!

Well, nobody said dieting would be fun. So, to make some light of it, I’ve decided to use 7 of 99 to illustrate my frustrations. Enjoy.

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