Lefty loosey: 9 of 99.


I’ve been listening to the Technicolor Web of Sound internet radio station for the past week or so, with amazingly cosmic and psychedelic results. I wish I was around to witness all those things in person. That station rules.

3 thoughts on “Lefty loosey: 9 of 99.

  1. This is disturbing. Is he hot or something?

    Greg my friend was telling me about some 90’s ska group called Saving Ferris- do you know who they are?

  2. He’s supposed to be a nut (as in nuts & bolts)…the term “lefty loosey” comes from the reminder in loosening/tightening things—”lefty loosey, righty tighty.” This guy’s really soft and pliable (almost like soft dough, I guess), so he really *is* lefty loosey. I dunno.

    The band is called Save Ferris. They were one of the leaders of the so-called “3rd Wave Ska” movement in the ’90s. Of course I know them! I know Monique the lead singer.

  3. YES i knew it! hahaha i even bet that you did.. I’ll let her know ;]

    keep drawing more cartoons they’re my favey! love you ❤ I hope Goyito’s feeling better~

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