So I went out and voted. Guess I made my mark in the annals (hyuk hyuk) of history, as participating in the largest voter turnout ever in American history, or so they say.

It felt kinda cool…there was no line and there was a chilly wind. I kinda want to get my free Starbucks coffee to warm me up, but I don’t feel like driving to the nearest one. So whatever.

Sorry if I’ve been scarce, but it seems that my comic, I Was A Teenage Filipino Skinhead, has taken a sudden leap in sales, namely because I’ve finally dished out another 5 issues after a long, long slump. So I’ve been living over on my livejournal site for the past few weeks, and will continue to do so as I hash this thing out s’more.

I’ll try to stop by every now and then to drop some knowledge…if ya really wanna see me, hit me up at my LJ site, k? Thanks…lates.

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