So said the skinhead…

I’m usually not much for cross-promotion…Lefty Limbo typically is for my random artsy stuff and perhaps any current wreckage and or havoc wreaked by my rug rat…but I couldn’t resist plugging an online interview which I’ve just finished, one in fond recall of my fun and glorious days as a mod and skinhead, 20 years ago. I figured if I spent so much time writing out the answers, I may as well share it with as many people as I can, right? Click click click away, my bed-headed brethren and brethrettes…Enjoy!

L.A. Story: A Retrospective On The L.A. Mod and Skinhead Scenes

2 thoughts on “So said the skinhead…

  1. Since I didn’t get into punk music until 1999 and I lived in Dayton, NV, I always thought ska was just punk + horns. It was really cool to read about the nuances of the scene and the style back in its origins. Nice work.

  2. Hey Greg

    Thanks for your commet on my Felix G-T post; I appreciate it! I enjoyed reading your interview too. It reminded my of a few years back when I had season tickets to the Sunday world music series KCRW does at the Hollywood Bowl. On Reggae night I made jerk chicken and rum drinks, or something like that, and I’m walking in and I notice all these Asian and Latin people. I’m thinking wow, I don’t know they were so into Reggae. It turns out I had my nights mixed up. It was Yo Yo Ma playing music from Brazil.

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