18 of 99.

I’ve decided to post a mega-bundle of doodles this time to make up for my absence. Enjoy. The following one is in direct response to Jeni, who wanted me to sketch something about her swallowing a lemon seed.

19 of 99.

Now onto the all-too familiar topic of the day…

20 of 99.

And then to my constant recurring visions of complex nonsensical machinery coupled with a craving for lunch…

21 of 99.

And last but not least, this one’s actually a blast from the past. I must’ve drawn this sometime in the early ’90s. Geez I wish I dated it somewhere. My dad always criticizes me for that. “Put de date! Always put de date! Bekas when yu are old, yu will not remember!” You know what, he’s totally right.

21 of 99.

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