I’ve been trying to find some cool “bump n’ go” battery-operated toys for my kid. I remember having a few of them in my ’70s childhood, namely a silver and red tin locomotive with lights and sound, and a police car with a red siren on top.

I guess it’s natural for a father to rekindle his childhood fascination by getting the same kind of toys for his kid. Heck, I already got him Sizzlers and some other retro-repro things. What next?

Anyways, I found a cool repro bump n’ go robot on Ebay for a pretty good price. So I went ahead and watched it, marking the auction end with two alerts on my iPhone calendar (which is awesome, btw…a feature I totally overlooked until recently, and I’ve had the phone for almost a year now…duhr).

Luck would have it that the auction end happened while I was on the 5 North headed to band practice in NoHo. I’m not one to use my iPhone while driving, so I pulled over in just the nick of time to put in my bid (which turned out to be the only bid on this item), with a scant 25 seconds left in the auction. Kee-razy.

I’ll be sure to show it to you when I get it…and better yet, I’ll let you see if Greg did or didn’t dig it. =)

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