Monster truck at Yogurtland

We thought the Yogurtland on La Brea was busy. Man, the one in Artesia is way more packed. Doesn’t stop Lil’ Greg from having fun though.

See that monster truck on the table? I totally dig that thing. Greg kinda digs it too, but I think I like it more than he does. It’s one of a series of 1:64 scale monster trucks called Hot Wheels Monster Jam. For a quick link, check out this guy’s list and pics of trucks. These trucks are cool in every way…from the immense amount of detail, big rubber tires, crisp colors and deco, and most of all the nifty “suspension system” which allows 4-wheel independence. Yet another geek goodie.

An update on the “cool robot”

So I got the robot in the mail the other day. Excited and hoping to surprise Goyo, I popped in some batteries and flicked the switch. The eyes and ears lit up, and there was the signature “engine sound” advertised on the box…but the darn thing didn’t move.

I contacted the seller regarding what I believed to be defective merch. They’re willing to take it back, but I have to pay return shipping. Sux. Just to make sure, I’m gonna buy a pack of AAs and pop ’em in one more time before I box this thing up.

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