Las ijas de Zapatero

las ijas de zapatero

It’s hardly ever that I tap into the mainstream media, but after seeing this post dealing with the scandal over the apparent exposure of Spain’s prime minister Zapatero’s “goth” daughters, I just had to look into it.

I guess there was this big ol’ deal over their drab, “monstrous” appearance, sparking a media wildfire across the world. In desperation, the government tried to eradicate any existing photographs of the daughters, but I was able to get my hands on one of the only remaining ones.

Ugh…I almost lost my lunch when I took a look…it’s terrible that these grotesque monstrosities of nature revealed themselves shamelessly to the innocent eyes of the world. They should keep them locked in the basement. I remember seeing these same “goth” types in high school, and I avoided them like the plague. To see these horrifying images again conjures up truly frightening times.

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