In Limbo.

It was a surreal feeling to mail that letter yesterday to, especially having it addressed directly to their VP of Customer Service, Ben Lewis. I wonder how many letters he gets in the mail, aside from company correspondence and junk. When was the last time he actually had to tear an envelope open, unfold and read a letter from a customer?

I can imagine him sitting behind his desk and looking on with curiosity as someone delivers the letter to him by hand. I wonder what his reaction would be. I wonder if he’ll want to address the situation right away and maybe even call me up himself, or if he’ll roll his eyes, crack jokes with his co-workers about it, and tell someone else to write me some kind of canned, half-assed apology offering free premium hosting for a year or some other kind of candy to shut me up and make me go away.

Have you seen Bluehost’s About Us page? Have you seen all the smiling faces on their team? I wonder if they’ll still be smiling when they read my letter.

I’ll tell you one thing. If someone from Bluehost ever tells you to submit your complaints to, it’s a waste of time. It’s been over a week since I sent an email to that address, and I haven’t received anything in reply; not even an automated response. This is why I resorted to writing an actual letter to the head honcho.

In the meantime, I wait. Patiently.



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