I like grey days. I like grey things. It’s the perfect midtone, right smack in the middle of the bright and cheery, and the dark and gloomy. I tend to go more towards the dark side though, in many ways. I like old music. I like old cars and toys. I watch Antiques Roadshow a lot and wish I discovered one of the mundane things I owned was worth thousands of dollars. Then I’d be able to buy a lot more mundane things.

I like Jameson’s. Macellans. Bombay Sapphire. Dark chocolate. Stukas. Rumba. Reggae. I like to draw. I revel in the mysteries of the grand universe and the wonders of microscopic life. I thrive on knowledge and discovery—finding out how simple things work, and why complex things are so complex, but they actually rely on the simplicity of things.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi Greg,

    Thanks very much for the comment you left on the Kevin Long interview I posted on my blog recently.

    I really enjoyed reading the interview link you sent along about your younger days in the LA scene. In fact I was hoping to interview you at some point about your comic book and your experiences playing drums in Hepcat.

    Let me know if you are up for it and I’ll send some questions along.



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