New Year.

These days you’re much more apt to find me playing around on Instagram than tooling around here on my blog. If you go to my little sidebar thingy on the left there, you’ll see the icon. Click it to see what I’ve been up to.

My latest venture has been making quick Sharpie portraits of ’80s Nu-Wave heroes on scrap card stock. I post these on Instagram and play a guessing game, prompting viewers to guess whom is depicted. The first person to get it right gets to have the drawing.

I’ve never considered myself a good caricaturist or portrait artist, so doing these is a challenge for myself as well.





It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally finished another art project which I’d worked on three years ago. Oh yeah, this was pre-baby, back in the days when I actually had time to work on stuff. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Barf Issue #1 is the result of a 30-day project in which I drew every weekday for my lunch breaks (30 mins. each) on a blank 8.5 x 11 paper. Completely random and spontaneous, just the way I like things. More details to come…heh, when I have time.

Update: I’ve gone and listed it on Etsy, and reserved a showcase spot for it tomorrow Sept. 30. Check it out here.


18 of 99.

I’ve decided to post a mega-bundle of doodles this time to make up for my absence. Enjoy. The following one is in direct response to Jeni, who wanted me to sketch something about her swallowing a lemon seed.

19 of 99.

Now onto the all-too familiar topic of the day…

20 of 99.

And then to my constant recurring visions of complex nonsensical machinery coupled with a craving for lunch…

21 of 99.

And last but not least, this one’s actually a blast from the past. I must’ve drawn this sometime in the early ’90s. Geez I wish I dated it somewhere. My dad always criticizes me for that. “Put de date! Always put de date! Bekas when yu are old, yu will not remember!” You know what, he’s totally right.

21 of 99.

17 of 99.

17 of 99.

The world looks lovely
behind bloodshot eyes
shit on my shoes
and bee-filled dandelions
Get away from there Greg
Knowing they sting
not knowing the pain
I miss the rain
Saucers in the sky
in circles, patterns
I pause

They’re only spotlights
but I wish they weren’t
extra terrestrial
come say hello.